About Me

My name is Grayson Blount and I am just a regular American guy who happens to have a passion for international missions.  I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia in a Christian home with my parents; my sister, Darby; and my dogs – Rocky and Jake.  I attended John’s Creek Baptist Church for my entire childhood and was very involved in the children and then youth programs there. I gave my life to Christ at around 7 years old and was baptized, but one day I realized that my faith was really not as strong as I had hoped and wanted it to be. Over time I came to believe that my one real job on earth was to please God, and that I was doing everything but that. I wasn’t sure what God intended for me, but I wanted to find out…

I attended Wesleyan School – a Christian school in Norcross and I decided to participate in a mission trip to South Africa between my junior and senior years in high school. Wow, that really changed my life. Through my experience serving there, God had finally really gotten a hold of my heart and I could start to feel some significant changes in my life.  I still continued to make plenty of mistakes and have lapses in judgment, but whenever I veer off the path I know God has set before me, he nudges my heart to get back to it.

After graduating high school in May 2016, I enrolled as a freshman at the University of Mississippi. I had always wanted to be an Ole Miss Rebel, but once there, I just never felt like I was settling in or that I was where I was supposed to be.  I was unhappy and I felt as if I was lost and wasting my time. I prayed and asked God to show me what it was He had for me. I somehow knew my path was going to be different than expected. I spent three weeks over the Christmas holidays in 2016 serving in South Africa for a third time and it became clear then that the Lord had more work for me to do there. Having a supportive and loving mom like I do, she fully backed me when I approached her about taking time off of school to pursue this calling. So, God willing, I am off again to South Africa to serve for the length of a school year.  When I return, I plan to return to college locally in Atlanta and continue to pray and listen to God as He directs my next steps.