Life Got Wild, but Here is What’s Been Going On!

Hello supporters,

I apologize for the absence.  I have been crazy busy.  I am just going to give a good overview of the past month and a half.  First, I went on the mission I do annually in Plettenburg Bay.  We run a VBS type vibe there, so basically I got to do teen ministry for 3 weeks.  This year, we had lots of crazy stories about Jesus revealing himself to people who previously weren’t believers.  The craziest occasion was one night around a campfire where we had a night of worship and songs with the teens.  My friend, Francois, felt led to go and speak with a teen standing off to the side looking unsure.  Francois went up to him and within 20 minutes, this full grown teen who was a self-proclaimed atheist, was in tears and had experienced Jesus’ love for the first time.  Instances like this happened often throughout the trip, which was a huge blessing.  Then, on Christmas morning we always hold a service for the campsite to come and enjoy, but this year the heavens opened and the rain fell.  As a team of 25, we huddled in a big tent and all vowed to pray and sing songs of praise until the rain stopped.  As we sang, the rain came harder and harder, and water was gathering in the tent and was nearing being up to our ankles.  Fast forward one hour of worship and prayer later, and the skies are clear and we are about to start our service.  God is so cool because of how he reveals himself in crazy, new ways every day.  In turn, the service brought 10 people to the Lord, young and old.  As a team, we refused to give up on the service, and as a result, 10 people got saved.  God is cool, never forget that.

After Plettenburg, I got to meet up with my mom and sister, which was exactly what I needed.  Coming off a long and hard mission trip as well as being away from home for 4 months made me ready to see them.  We got to travel around Cape town, the Garden Route (Highway alongside the coast), and The Kruger National Park, which was insane.  The time I got to spend with them was priceless, as it recharged my morale heading into the final stretch of the trip.

After the family left, I fell back into a regular ministry schedule.  This semester is exciting, and although I only have 4 weeks left until I get home, I am very excited and optimistic for what God has to show my youth group and myself this next month.

I will be posting again this weekend with more updates on the life at youth and what God has been doing in the lives of our kids.  Thank you all for understanding my disappearance, but I am alive and thriving!  God is good, never forget it!

Author: FollowGrayson

I am an international missionary from Buckhead, a suburb outside of Atlanta. I am currently serving in South Africa for a year!

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