Life Update

Hey everyone!  I know what you are thinking, “Where in the world has this child gone”….well, I’ve been busy these past few weeks.  First, I went to East London, which is on the coast of South Africa, to visit a friend and just unwind a little in preparation for a long and stressful summer (I know, seasons are backwards…so summer is November-January).  I went down and experienced a new culture (a much, much slower one) in the Eastern Cape.  I got to experience a new type of worship and give myself more perspective on the Kingdom of God as a whole.  The church I visited in East London was a charismatic church, which I was yet to experience at the time of my first visit.  It was a lot different than I am used to back home in the States.  I experienced going through a “fire tunnel,” which was quite an interesting experience.  It was basically a tunnel of humans laying hands and praying over you to invoke a response from God – very interesting.

Through all of it, I came to the ultimate conclusion that it doesn’t matter how you worship.  As long as they are worshipping Jesus, people will do what the please and worship freely.  So, the times when I silently judged a person screaming in the back of a room during a song, God revealed to me that I was becoming like the Pharisees and need to be better about accepting other forms of worship.  I don’t necessarily agree with their form of worship and won’t practice charismatic responses myself, but I accept that Jesus loves any form of worship that brings glory and honor to Him.

This week we have had to hit the ground running.  God provided me with lots of rest last week, and now I am ready to put my head down in this season of ministry and give it all I have.  We have the Plettenburg Bay Mission trip coming up in early December, which I am on the leadership team for.  As a third year staffer, I have found that I have a lot more responsibility in the planning process, which is a blessing because this trip has meant so much to me in past years.  We have a lot of things to still figure out and questions that we are awaiting God to answer, but we are filled with hope and excitement to be back, doing God’s work.

Prayer is all I can ask for right now, though.  There are a lot of moving parts in my life currently, and I just need to lean into God a little more and rely on Him to provide for me.  Your support means the world to me, and I promise I will start to write more again!  God bless!



Author: FollowGrayson

I am an international missionary from Buckhead, a suburb outside of Atlanta. I am currently serving in South Africa for a year!

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