Live For Yourself

Sad fact of life is that people disappoint you.  Stuff happens, situations change…but there is always a constant.  Before you click away from this because it is clear that I can go onto a long rant about how “God is a constant” (which he is), just hear me out.  

When people disappoint us, God challenges us to seek shelter with him.  God literally pulls us back into his arms when distractions lure us away.  We have to live with our own happiness and the joy that stems from our relationship with God.

I had someone exit my life recently and it has made me reflect on my relationship with God.  Let’s call this person X.  X appeared in my life as quickly as she exited.  X took an interest in my past, heard my story, and decided it wasn’t her cup of tea.  It stinks, but after investing all the time and trust into that relationship, I can’t help but wonder where my relationship with God might be if I had invested more time into that relationship instead of with Him. Lesson is, never let God fade into the background. He always finds his way back into the center of your life….and only because He loves you that much.

Although I’ll certainly miss having X in my life, I think it is fair to say that God does everything for a greater good and a higher purpose that we can’t even comprehend.  As I urge myself everyday when I roll out of bed, and now I urge you: Wake up in the morning and decide to follow Jesus.  Trust in Him, invest in Him, and fall in love with Him.  

In other news, Atlanta was in the path of Hurricane Irma yesterday, one of the largest hurricanes to wreak havoc on the east coast in recent history.  As it pummeled its way through the Caribbean, the southern US braced itself for a beating.  Keep Houston, Florida and the rest of the areas afftected in your prayers, as they are looking at a long rebuild ahead.

God willing and assuming Irma cooperates, I leave for South Africa THIS evening for 8 months. Please please PLEASE keep me in your prayers for my time there to make the impact God intends and that my travels are safe! Please continue to follow my blog and follow my journey!

Author: FollowGrayson

I am an international missionary from Buckhead, a suburb outside of Atlanta. I am currently serving in South Africa for a year!

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