Hospital Visits…..

Last week God threw another challenge in front of me.  I woke up early last Tuesday morning with sharp pains on my lower right side.  I immediately was pretty sure what it was, and it made me angry.  I got my mom and we decided to go to the urgent care.  As I had feared, they sent me to Piedmont Hospital with what seemed to be Appendicitis… man, it really hurt…
I went to the ER and was admitted, had a CT scan, and ended up being admitted into the hospital fairly quickly.  The doctors looked a bit puzzled, which is never a good sign and I soon learned that the main concern for the surgeon was the excessive swelling in my abdomen including areas around my appendix.  By this time, it is already almost Tuesday night. They wanted to observe and try some antibiotics. I had to spend that night in the hospital, but woke up the next day optimistic that I would be going home.  To my disappointment, I thought the same the next day.  Finally on Thursday, I woke up to some good news.  The antibiotic treatments I had been receiving had begun to work and had reduced the swelling enough to do an exploratory laparoscopic surgery to check to see if it was appendicitis or something more serious. I know a lot of people were praying it was just appendicitis. Thank the Lord that was what it was and they took it out and I was out of there in no time. I was home really before I knew it  and the anesthesia did its job!
Throughout the whole thing, I really just had to rely on God.  With my trip coming up and all that preparations it requires, this was the last thing I needed.  I was trying to work some more before the trip and get a lot of things done to prepare, and this just slowed that down. God has really shown me the way, though. This could have happened as so many different times – when I was coaching the kids this summer at swimming, when we were in the middle of moving, when my mom was traveling, when I was already in South Africa, so I am really grateful for God’s timing.  My trip may be delayed slightly to give enough time to heal (more about that soon), but other than that, I am unscathed.  God is a good God and I am so glad to be on the road to recovery!


Thanks for your continued prayers…

Author: FollowGrayson

I am an international missionary from Buckhead, a suburb outside of Atlanta. I am currently serving in South Africa for a year!

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